Getting your pre-approval before you start shopping for that dream home

Most Realtors prefer that their buyers are Pre-approved or Pre-qualified by a reputably lender before they head to house shop.  One important reason is to see what the buyers actually will be able to afford in order to know up front what dollar amount they will qualify for .

Also when that perfect home is located, the listing agent will most often request to see the Pre-Approval letter in order to make the decision on whether your buyer can afford that particular home.  It’s even more valuable when there is a multiple offer situation (meaning more than one buyer has made an offer on the same home).

If you need some advice on good lenders in our area, please give me a call so I can lead you in the right direction.

And of course I can help you in that special home search!

Please feel free to shop on my web-site for that perfect home.

Happy shopping!



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